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Ani Duzdabanyan-Manoukian-Staff.jpg

Ani Duzdabanyan-Manoukian




Public Relations & Fundraising Coordinator

Ani Duzdabanyan-Manoukian has been in the communication industry for over twenty years. She has a degree in Journalism and Communication from Yerevan State University. She immigrated to the United States in 2007. Since then, she has been working in various community organizations and companies by helping establish effective communication between the stakeholders and community members. Ani’s passion is writing. She believes that every story matters, and that she can tell these stories with her pen (well, keyboard). From the first day as a representative of the diaspora, Ani has been contributing to the local and international newspapers and magazines, telling the stories of diverse communities and cultures. At Glendale Youth Alliance, Ani oversees the public relations and fundraising operations, helping raise awareness and funds to support more youth in need.

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