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What We Offer

Youth Employment Program
General Grant Programs

Student Training & Employment Program (STEP) provides 120 hours of paid work experience to in-school youth with disabilities that are between the ages of 16 to 21. Youth also receive work readiness training through Glendale Community Colleges’ Professional Development Center and gain experience at a worksite based on their skills, aptitudes and interests during the summer months. This program is currently on hold and anticipated start date is July 2023.


For more information, contact Laura Isaacs-Galvan 818-937-8057, Marine Gaboyan at 818-937-8012 & Victoria Concepcion 818-937-8019. 

ages 16-21


summer job

Serves older youth ages 18-24. Youth are placed primarily in private businesses to gain the skills and experience needed to climb the career ladder jobs within a company. The program pays for the initial training hours as an incentive for the employer to hire youth. Funding for this program is provided by Verdugo Workforce Investment Board and the Workforce Investment Act grants.


For more information, contact Jasmine Venegas Goulet at 818-937-8055, or Mia Titilah at 818-937-8005

ages 18-24

paid training


The TEAM program is designed to prepare students, ages 14-21, for post-secondary education and the world of work. Participants learn to meet workplace expectations such as being on time, dressing appropriately, and following through on assignments. The TEAM program is funded by the Verdugo Workforce Investment Board and the Workforce Investment Act grants.

ages 14-21

low income

long term

Youth Participants between the age of 14-24 receive life skills, pre-employment training and paid work experience. The Brush Clearance Program provides the youngest and unskilled youth, ages 14-16, a first time job experience. On closely supervised teams, they spend 6 weeks removing overgrown brush on over 30 parcels of city owned land, augmenting the City's Vegetation Management Program and reducing the risk of fire on the city's hillsides. Youth who already possess some basic job skills are placed in jobs in the community such as local hospitals, non-profit organizations, libraries, schools, businesses and public agencies. The program is funded by Los Angeles County and the City of Glendale Departments.

ages 14-24

first job

summer job

Youth Employment Program
Enterprise Programs

Youth that succeed in the Summer Brush Clearance Program are eligible to participate in GYEP. In this self-sustaining program, supervised teams of youth as young as 16 years old are hired to perform hillside brush clearance on private properties for a fee. Youth can also be hired for other general labor tasks

ages 16-24


summer job

In this program, young adults with a proven work ethic and previous job experience are placed in career exploration jobs. Their wages are paid by the business that hires them.

ages 18-24



Rental Assistance Programs

Low Income Family Employment and Rental Assistance Program

The purpose of the Low Income Employment and Rental Assistance Program is to provide Housing and Employment assistance to low income families for a 12-month period. Program has served 95 families and will be operating one more year in the 2024-25 program year.   Applications for this program is now open and will close on March 15, 2024. For more information call Eliza Dzhaneryan at (818) 937-8056. 


low income

12 months

California Emergency Relief Aid Program

GYA staff has held approximately 3,000 appointments since April of 2021 providing clients assistance in applying for the State’s COVID rent relief program through The program provides financial assistance for any unpaid past and/or future rent and utility bills.


The application period for both programs is currently closed. For more information regarding our Rental Assistance Programs contact Rita Terzian at 818-937-8004. 

program closed

Homeless Services

Homeless Housing Assistance Program- Emergency Shelter

This program provides up to 30 days of hotel vouchers to the youth participants that are homeless or on the verge of homelessness. The program serves youth ages 16-24 as a means of emergency housing while we work closely with the youth participant to find employment and connect them to the needed services to transition to permanent housing.  Each youth that participates in GYA programs will receive work readiness, career exploration, and soft skills training provided by various partners and staff. In total, GYA assisted over 60 homeless youth through this program since 2022.

ages 12-24



Training & Case Management Grants

Kaiser Permanente Foundation

The Kaiser Permanente Foundation awarded grant funding for the 2022 and 2023 program years to GYA to provide intense case management and referrals to youth in our community to obtain medical, dental, mental health and other resources as needed.

Dignity Health Hospital Foundation

The Dignity Health Hospital Foundation awarded GYA funding for a three-year cycle in partnership with Glendale Unified School District for the Cultural Trauma & Mental Health Resiliency Project Grant. The goal of this project is to address behavioral health and mental wellbeing among youth. the purpose of the Project is to improve access to health services and enhance public health by increasing the awareness, skills and capacity of local community organizations and community members to identify mental distress, address the impacts of trauma, reduce stigma, and increase resiliency via delivery of mental health awareness education. Thus far over 500 individuals have been training through this grant.

One Stop Operator

GYA serves as the One Stop Operator for the Verdugo Workforce Development Board (VWDB). The One Stop Operator serves as the liaison between the VWDB and the 14 mandated MOU partners to coordinate the service delivery of required partners and service providers.

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