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Meet The Staff

Karine Griogoryan-Staff.jpg

Karine Grigoryan

Executive Director

Marine Badalyan

Youth Services Financial Coordinator
Lusine Baghdasaryan-Staff_edited.jpg

Lusine Baghdasaryan

Youth Services Coordinator
Ani Duzdabanyan-Manoukian-Staff_edited.j

Ani Duzdabanyan-Manoukian

Eliza Dzhaneryan-Staff.jpg

Eliza Dzhaneryan

Youth Services Supervisor

Laura Issacs-Galvan

Youth Services Coordinator

Mia Titilah

Youth Services Coordinator
Aline Krikor-Staff_edited.jpg

Aline Krikor

Youth Services Coordinator
Alfred Garciga-Staff_edited.jpg

Alfred Garciga




Youth Services Field Coordinator 

Jasmine Venegas Goulet

Youth Services Coordinator
Ripsime Rita Terzian-Staff_edited.jpg

Ripsime (Rita) Terzian

Youth Services Coordinator

Marine Gaboyan

Youth Services Coordinator
Public Relations & Fundraising Coordinator

Meet The Executive Board

Meet The Board of Directors

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