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Investing in the future workforce of our community!

Glendale Youth Alliance programs are designed to build civic values in local youth, and to provide a foundation for developing job skills to become productive participants of the workforce. We serve youth who live in Glendale, Burbank, La Cañada-Flintridge, and the greater Los Angeles County.

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Our youngest participants gain experience in supervised teams.


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GYA participants get job training from local businesses.



GYA staff works closely with youth to monitor their success.


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The Glendale Youth Alliance (GYA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a partnership between government, education, businesses and our community. Community leaders established GYA in 1993 with a mission to provide jobs and employment preparedness training for low-income youth ages 14-24.

Glendale Youth Alliance currently operates six programs on a spectrum that provide mentored employment to youth. These range from a program that gives subsidized jobs to the youngest youth who have never held a job, to a program for older youth who are ready to secure unsubsidized employment.

GYA programs make special efforts in assisting youth with further barriers to employment such as foster youth, youth with disabilities, parenting youth and youth who are on probation. These groups generally have a harder time in entering the workforce. GYA not only provides employment opportunities for these youth, but comprehensive services to meet their human needs.

Want to learn more about GYA programs?

Youth Employment Programs

Through different programs, GYA provides up to 200 hours of paid work experience to youth ages 14-24 in retail, clerical and field worksites. 

Rental Assistance Programs

The Low Income Employment and the Rental Assistance Program provides housing and employment assistance to low income families for 12-months.

Homeless Services

Hotel vouchers are provided to youth participants while we connect them with employment and other needed services to transition in to permanent housing.

Training & Case Management

Comprehensive training and case management is provided to youth from various programs, like work readiness, career exploration, and soft skills.

Health Services

Through various grants, GYA provides behavioral health, mental wellbeing, medical, dental, and other health resources. 

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A photograph of a young man in a hard hat repairing a street sign.
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A photograph of a young man at a park wearing gardening gloves and boots holding up a certificate and goody bag.

"The summer prior to entering my senior year, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future so I applied for all kinds of jobs, desperately hoping to get hired somewhere; however, I had no luck. After just a few weeks of joining the GYA, I was placed at the City of Glendale Housing Department as a clerical worker. GYA guided me through every step of the way, from creating a resume to attaining a job interview. After being placed at the City for approximately 8 months, I was able to land a permanent part-time job outside of the program at a law firm as a legal assistant. If it wasn’t for the stepping stones that program set along the way for me, I never would have worked for the firm and most importantly, I wouldn’t have discovered what I was truly passionate about and what road I wanted to take towards my prospective career."

Alex Rosas

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